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Creating a custom Fusion Builder element that includes custom taxonomy selection

The Avada doc suggests that if you want to create a custom fusion builder element that includes a dropdown where you can pick a term from a custom taxonomy, that you do it like so: function fusion_element_custom_quotes() { fusion_builder_map( array( 'name' =>; esc_attr__( 'Quotes', 'fusion-builder' ), 'shortcode' =>; 'iss-custom-quotes', 'icon' =>; 'fusiona-font', 'allow_generator' => true, [...]

Add Gravity Forms File Uploads and Image Uploads to the Media Library

I needed to have images uploaded by users through Gravity Forms be added to my Wordpress media library. Googling for solutions led me to half a dozen plugins wanting $70 and up to solve this seemingly simply problem. Absolutely maddening. For other developers pulling their hair out over this, here's the quick and dirty code [...]

The Difference Between WordPress and WordPress.com

Many people are confused about the difference between “WordPress” and “WordPress.com,” but the differences are important and huge. “WordPress” is a piece of web-based software that can be installed on a server computer, much the same way that you can install a piece of software like Office on your home computer. The WordPress software is [...]

New Year, New Internet Scams

One of our clients recently forwarded us a disturbing message, and urgently wanted to know what had happened and what they should do about it. Luckily, we were able to put their mind at ease. With their permission, we're sharing this scam with you as well in the hopes of preventing any of our other clients from having to go through this upset.

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