Understanding Digital

The Difference Between WordPress and WordPress.com

Many people are confused about the difference between “WordPress” and “WordPress.com,” but the differences are important and huge. “WordPress” is a piece of web-based software that can be installed on a server computer, much the same way that you can install a piece of software like Office on your home computer. The WordPress software is [...]

SSL Certificates

You've probably heard that Google has started rewarding websites that use an "SSL Certificate" with increased search rankings, and even decreasing the search rankings of any website that doesn't use one. So you know it's important to talk to your web people about getting one... But what is this SSL certificate thing, and why does Google think they're so important?

Identifying Undercover Comment Spam

The average website that allows user interaction will receive between 10 and 200 spam comments per day. No, that’s not a typo: 10 to 200 spam comments per day. There’s plenty that can be done to automate the process of identifying and blocking spam, and if you’re hosting with us, we’ve put a number of those processes into place already. But spammers are wily, and are constantly inventing new ways to get around spam filters, and a few spam comments may slip through every week.

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