The Difference Between WordPress and WordPress.com

Many people are confused about the difference between “WordPress” and “WordPress.com,” but the differences are important and huge. “WordPress” is a piece of web-based software that can be installed on a server computer, much the same way that you can install a piece of software like Office on your home computer. The WordPress software is [...]

Identifying Undercover Comment Spam

The average website that allows user interaction will receive between 10 and 200 spam comments per day. No, that’s not a typo: 10 to 200 spam comments per day. There’s plenty that can be done to automate the process of identifying and blocking spam, and if you’re hosting with us, we’ve put a number of those processes into place already. But spammers are wily, and are constantly inventing new ways to get around spam filters, and a few spam comments may slip through every week.

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