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Synergy Password Generator

Longer passwords are more secure. But how do you remember a long password? We’ve got your back. Simple to remember but hard to crack, this password generator can use six different themes to make secure passwords even more memorable to you.


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New Year, New Internet Scams

One of our clients recently forwarded us a disturbing message, and urgently wanted to know what had happened and what they should do about it. Luckily, we were able to put their mind at ease. With their permission, we're sharing this scam with you as well in the hopes of preventing any of our other clients from having to go through this upset.

What Is Alt Text?

Client question: I hired an SEO expert to get my business to the top of Google, and they told me most of the images on my site were missing "alt text." Apparently this is a big problem, but I don't understand the explanation they're giving me. What is "alt text" and why is it so important? Where do I get it?

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