For Developers

Creating a custom Fusion Builder element that includes custom taxonomy selection

The Avada doc suggests that if you want to create a custom fusion builder element that includes a dropdown where you can pick a term from a custom taxonomy, that you do it like so: function fusion_element_custom_quotes() { fusion_builder_map( array( 'name' =>; esc_attr__( 'Quotes', 'fusion-builder' ), 'shortcode' =>; 'iss-custom-quotes', 'icon' =>; 'fusiona-font', 'allow_generator' => true, [...]

Add Gravity Forms File Uploads and Image Uploads to the Media Library

I needed to have images uploaded by users through Gravity Forms be added to my Wordpress media library. Googling for solutions led me to half a dozen plugins wanting $70 and up to solve this seemingly simply problem. Absolutely maddening. For other developers pulling their hair out over this, here's the quick and dirty code [...]

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