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Modern business involves a huge amount of software, and with the right suite, there can be big benefits. Have the right tools identified and implemented for you, so you can get to running your most efficient business.

We’ll work with you to identify the correct technology solutions for you, including scheduling, calendar, project management, communications, accounting/invoicing, social media platforms and more. We’ll set it all up, connect it together, and teach you just what you need to know to get the most out of it.

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Website Redevelopment

Our roots are in website development and design — and we know that a website can do a stunning number of tasks for you, going beyond “merely” attracting the right customers. If you’re ready for a new website, make this one a synergistic solution that wows your customers and clients, saves you time, makes you money, reduces the number of tire-kickers who call you, and can even deliver products or services directly. Our website packages are start to finish, and include SEO, content, and branding.

While we’re at it, we’ll also connect your website to the relevant software, so it can get more work done for you. We’ll translate the techno-babble, shield you from confusion and help you feel confident throughout the process. We have a special emphasis on membership sites, e-commerce, and custom code for custom needs.

My website was a shambles when I sought out Kim’s help. Upon meeting her competence, efficiency, and enthusiasm I knew right away that she was the one to put things right. Her attention to detail and overall scope for the project was impressive. Form and function were tended to with fluid expertise. Kim embodies qualities that are essential to my own business, simplicity, function, and beauty. Working with her has truly been a joy.

Dia Paxton, Home Harmonics
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Total Synergy Solution

Have a pre-existing business and a network of technology solutions? Let’s make them all work together. Eliminate your most tedious tasks and technology headaches, free up time in your day, and make every aspect of your business run more efficiently.

We’ll help you identify gaps or incorrect solutions you already have in place, and work with you to fill the gaps and phase out the inefficiencies.

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WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the most powerful, flexible and popular website platforms in the world today. We offer WordPress-specific hosting that is specially tuned to be faster, more secure, and more reliable than “vanilla” hosts, and integrates closely with our other services.

Digital Marketing

We have digital marketing solutions to make you stand out while warming your leads and making sure you talk to the most important people first. Identify, nurture, convert and retain more customers. Strike the right balance of automation and human touch to delight customers and create value for your business. Go beyond the basics of marketing automation.

Client Satisfaction Boosters

Automatically remind clients about their upcoming appointments and let them know what they’ll need to bring to your first meeting. Educate potential customers who aren’t quite ready to buy yet. Give current clients a window into the projects you’re doing for them. We can help you make your client experience something to rave about.

Create your perfect constellation of cloud solutions.

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